Oct 1

GTA- Pillbox Hospital hosts Breast Cancer Awareness day!

A day at the beach! Come hang out, get to know hospital staff, and get assistance with scheduling appointments for future check-ups!

Oct 2

7 Days To Die Key Giveaway!

More info at discord.gg/legendsroleplay    #giveaways channel! 

Oct 3

GTA- “The Imposter” an event hosted by Ragnarok Taco’s

More information / instructions can be found on the flyer in discord.gg/roleplay #event-bulletin-board

Oct 8

Conan Exiles- Colosseum Battles 

Players vs. Players vs. Animals vs. NPC’s! 

Oct 9, 16, 23, 30

GTA- Vanilla Unicorn Weekly (in character) Giveaway hosted by Young Corp

Every Friday in October! Enter with a chance to win amazing prizes!

Oct 10

GTA- Los Santos Police Dept. and Luxury Auto’s Presents: ‘Highway to Hell’

Best car & Best Costume contests!

Oct 17

GTA- Paintball Event

You like it! You love it! Do you want some more of it? Show up to paintball and let out some frustrations! 

Oct 21

GTA- Casino Halloween Bash

Drinks, a little legal dice throwing, and good company. 

Oct 24

GTA- Marra’s Autobody sponsors ‘Monster Truck Derby Madness’ 

Demolition Derby with Monster Trucks! Top 3 Winner Get a prize!

Oct 25

GTA- “The Curse of Tongva Hills” hosted by Tasting Notes Winery 

Spooky Murder Mystery at the Winery!

Oct 31

GTA- Server Wide Lore Event

Gotta RP to find out!