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. . . or LegendsRP for short, is a premier roleplaying community based primarily around the Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer gaming environment. Founded in late 2018, by a group of veteran gamers and roleplayers, we are a rapidly growing community of quality players, and designed by a team of people who continue to impart the very concept that they had in mind when beginning to build what they hope to be one of the most enjoyable gaming communities available to date:

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Legends Roleplay #1 | Custom Housing System | Heist System | Custom Map | House Robberies | tokoVoip | Legal/Illegal Stuff | discord.gg/legendsroleplay
Legends Roleplay #1 🌃 | Active Development / Staff | 🏡 Custom Map | OneSync/TokoVoip | Great Community | 💲 Own Businesses | discord.gg/qq4kybj

community reviews

“…you guys have a nice diverse range of jobs to work which I’ve noticed is different. You are so ready for community engagement at all times. The quality of RP is high and consistent across the board. You’re very receptive to criticism and change.”

It’s just a different, nicer atmosphere to other places I’ve interacted with, I’ve been in a tonne more RP situations. First night in the city, I went to a bike show where a guy won some cash for riding his handle bar like a stripper pole, 11/10, have recommended to all my friends!

” LegendsRP has surpassed my expectations and then some. You have built up the server to what it is, and it’s better than a lot of other servers that have been running for longer. This shows just how dedicated the staff are to making this community Legendary.

“…massive kudos for the amazing RP with Hector tonight, that shit made my heart go so fast and haven’t been a part of that great of roleplay in some time. I am really looking forward RPing more with you!!  (And im probably gonna over sleep for work tomorrow lmao